Sunday, August 8, 2010

Limited Edition set of 1/2 yard

hi all..here's a limited edition mix set of 1/2 yard by Claire de Lune and Rhumba. This set suitable to sew clutches,purse,keychain and others lovely little item.Grab fast while you can as it only available for 1 set
Better be hurry to grab...first come first serve ;)

Set code CR000

Closed up (click to en-large the pics)

Consist of 4, each printed pattern is 1/2 yard.

Total of yards in 1 set: 2 yards

In stock:

1 set
SOLD TO Aisyah

RM95 (included shipping)


aLiYa's cRaFt said...


x bole single ker?
hehe :-)

subuh said...

hi aliya,

Thanks for ur visit. and sorry for the late reply.this is sell by set.please do not hesitate to visit us anytime as new product will be in the blogshop ;)