Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Open Sell - Set of Fat Quarters

**UPDATE: 08/11/2010 - ENDED Open Sell - Set of Fat Quarters

Hi all..as per today until next Monday we're open sell Set of Fat Quarters (FQ). "Cutting of 1/2 or 1 yard are temporarily close for Designers Fabric". So grab this opportunity while you can. Below is the conditions of this sell:

Start date sell: 02.11.2010

1. Each set of Fat Quarters (FQ) consist of 4 patterns

2. Patterns can be choose & mix from any of the Designers Fabric - except japanese cotton & children novelty (but if interested to cut as FQ, pls email us).

3. These are the price(s) which included shipping fee:

1 set FQ - RM44
2 set FQ - RM84

3 set FQ - RM126

4. Lastly, first come, first serve ;)

End date sell: 08.11.2010

Size of 1 FQ:

Some ideas / projects can be made from FQ:
(Click to en-large the pictures)

**Will be update some tutorials online how to make any of the above ideas/projects - just in case you might need it ;)

Any enquiries,pls email us : printedcotton@ymail[dot]com

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